I took a week to ‘mute’


The first week of June I took a week to ‘mute’ and think about where we go from here. Posting any of the content we had planned seemed like the most ridiculous thing ever. People are losing their lives and fighting for justice, I was for sure not going to be over here talking about lamps…

I also did a lot of listening, watching, and searching. I discovered lots of amazing new artists, makers, and voices I had never encountered before-because I lazily relied on those silly algorithms. I realized that I definitely wasn’t doing enough. How could I be living in one of the most segregated cities in the country and not doing a damn thing to actively fix that?

Last year I made a goal to have a ‘who do we give to?’ component to The Simple Home. Each month I wanted to select a charity or cause that we would focus on for the month-whether that be committing financially or with time/volunteerism. I got busy, other things came up, I let it slide. But now I think it is the best time to really focus on that, and figure out who we can help.

I also found that we are missing a huge value in our business that has always quietly been there, and really is my ‘why’ of what I do. Support and elevate the lives of those who need help doing so. I got into senior living design because I wanted to create environments that helped seniors live out their last days in a space that brought some beauty and comfort into their life-and not staring at blank white walls and stained carpet as my grandmother had. It’s our duty as humans to help others lead safer, healthier, happier lives.

I would love to say that I came up with this perfect plan of a new way of doing things, but it’s going to take more than a week to pull that together. But it’s in the works. It is happening.

I’ll finish by saying that we’ve had one hell of a 2020 so far. And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that things were not fine before the pandemic, or before George Floyd’s homicide. These events made it blindingly apparent that we have so much work to do to even get CLOSE to ‘fine’.

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